Epub Gratis Zombies Do Not Care: The Kid's Survival Brain Book

Epub Gratis Zombies Do Not Care: The Kid's Survival Brain Book

If you have a Brain ... YOU need this Book! Do you ever wonder what zombies are thinking? According to rumors, they usually have only one thing on their minds. In case you don’t already know, the only thing zombies want is… YOUR BRAIN! They think it’s yummy! YOU think that’s gross! But if you USE your brain, zombies don’t want it. They only like lazy brains. If you USE your brain, zombies will say “Ew” and they will go find a tastier brain. That is exactly why you should care! Why not read this book and see how your daily habits can stack up to either help or hinder your own well-being and those around you? Be Aware, Read and Think your way towards making better choices for your life! Zombies have a very Gross Mindset! / From the Author: SPOILER ALERT!!! Zombies are NOT REAL! This story is intended to be a silly and adventurous way to educate and entertain readers. The book, Zombies Don't Care - brings to life (yes, Pun Intended) the idea that our daily habits do matter. So be aware and mindful how you treat your brain, body, and your life. / About the Author: Matt B. Hooks endeavors to connect with his readers by entertaining, informing, and persuading them to think. He has earned a Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and has taught special education for over a decade and a half, working with students who struggle academically and with their social skills. He hopes to reach out, so others can reach within learning how to make better life choices. In doing so, Mr. Hooks hopes his books and stories will inspire others to reach their personal goals.

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Titulo del libroZombies Do Not Care: The Kid's Survival Brain Book
AutorMatt B. Hooks
Formatos disponiblesPDF, EPUB, MP3, ODF, PGD, DJVU, CHM
Tamaño del archivo23.62Mb
Número de páginas29
Fecha de lanzamiento2018/11/20

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