Space Mountain PDF Descarga gratuita

Space Mountain PDF Descarga gratuita

"Beautifully illustrated, wonderfully crafted, the story leaps from the pages faster than you can turn them. Pull down the safety bar and sit tight: you're in for a ride." --Ridley Pearson, author of the Kingdom Keepers seriesThe year is 2125 and the Magellan Science Academy has given two lucky cadets special Thulium tickets to join a team of space explorers on a time-travel mission twenty-four hours into the future. But when their mission goes wrong, the two kids must band together with a tiny flying saucer sidekick to save themselves, their crew, and all of Space Mountain--before time runs out and the galaxy is destroyed!

Space Mountain: Detalles del libro

Titulo del libroSpace Mountain
AutorBryan Q. Miller
Formatos disponiblesPDF, EPUB, MP3, iBOOKS, MP3, TORRENT, MS WORD
Tamaño del archivo24.56Mb
Número de páginas168
Fecha de lanzamiento2014/05/06

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